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Carriages that will serve you for lifetime

We offer innovative furniture solutions for reliable long-term use.

Lifetime warranty

"Sevroll" technologists pay great attention to the best execution of all products during the whole production process. "Sevroll" is the first producer on the market granting a lifetime warranty for its carriages used in our sliding door systems.

Ultimate resistance to wear

A lifetime warranty applies to all "Sevroll" green carriages for sliding doors. This warranty confirms that top and bottom carriages are made of high quality steel, resistant to deformation.

Innovative technology

Ball bearing carriages are produced with Smooth TEC technology and ensure silent and stable guidance. The carriages are protected from dust by a special casing, which guarantees longevity. This carriages travel perfectly smoothly thanks to "Sevroll" special roller technology.

Green ring standard

"Sevroll" original products are easily recognised by green carriages or by a green ring that is our brand's benchmark.

Aluminum profiles

Sliding doors

Visit our product catalogue and choose from a range of high-quality aluminum profiles that will bring your furniture project to the next level.


Visit our sliding door page, choose the right option for your furniture project, and we will help you bring your ideas to reality.