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Sevroll was founded in 1996 in Poland. Since then, the company has significantly expanded its array of products and market reach, thereby earning its reputation as one of the leading providers of finishing profiles and built-in wardrobe systems across the EU. Thanks to Sevroll's professional team, consisting of 120 people, thousands of customers have improved their homes and businesses with durable and innovative sliding, folding, pull-apart, and pathway door systems. Original design, sturdy materials, and ease of assembly – turned out to be Sevroll's key trademarks.

Global reach

With its high-quality products for cabinetry and storage applications, Sevroll holds a strong market position in Europe and beyond. Brand's stability was achieved through consistent trade and advertising policies. Our partners have a high level of trust in us, which ensures the successful expansion of Sevroll's market position. This, combined with the constant attention to the needs of our customers, allows us to contribute to raising the global standards of innovative furniture solutions.

Probably the biggest choice in Lithuania

"Sevroll" grow in line with the changing needs of the market. Sevroll has been offering an extensive selection on the market for sliding, folding and pull-apart door systems, as well as systems for built-in wardrobes and finishing profiles. We have been continuously searching for and introducing, new, better technological, construction, and material solutions to transform the traditional ways of cabinetry applications.

Price vs. Quality

Sevroll product prices stem from the high quality of resources and modern technologies used in their production. Since 1996, we have implemented many innovative solutions in key operational areas. Our systems are characterised by reliability, ease of assembly, safety of use and functionality. This has been confirmed by a multitude of awards and achievements for industrial designs, as well as patent rights. We were the first company within the industry to offer a lifetime warranty for carriage systems.

Lifetime warranty

"Sevroll" technologists pay great attention to the best execution of all products during the complete production process. Sevroll is the first manufacturer on the market to grant a lifetime warranty for its carriages. Our lifetime warranty applies to all Sevroll green carriages for sliding doors. This warranty confirms that top and bottom carriages are made of high-quality steel, resistant to deformation. The carriages are included in the complete sliding door carriage system together with ball bearings produced with Smooth TEC technology which ensure a silent and stable guide.

A team of professionals

 "Sevroll's" professional team consists of 110 people dedicated to introducing high-quality, durable furniture system innovations to the global market at affordable prices. Seeing our customers as partners results in fruitful cooperation and mutual trust, which enables us to grow and maintain our status as one of the leaders of the industry. Our clients can count on the professional assistance and quick execution of orders, which are the trademark of our Customer Service Office. We care that our staff is competent in answering your technical as well as general questions with great attention to detail and expert know-how.